Addressing Covid-19 ... keeping you safe

I want to let you all know that all our retreats and accommodations will still be taking place.

We have no plans to cancel them.

So, please continue to register or book your stay,

come to our inn   come to our retreats ...  relax, refresh and learn!

But I also want to let you know why and what we are doing to insure a safe environment for you, our top priority.

CDC: The Connecticut River Valley Inn and the Artists Rising Creativity Retreats are following all precautions from the CDC. WE will continue their recommendations through out this pandemic.

Our exposure is greatly limited:  All our retreats are taking place at a location (the inn) which is not open to the general public. We are only open to those who join us for a retreat (15 guests or less) or stay by reserving at the inn. WE have always followed sanitizing precautions at the inn, being open for the past 12 years we are extremely proficient in keeping our property at the highest levels of sanitation. We have always and will continue with even more vigor, the sanitizing of all surfaces but especially any surface which is touched by anyone such as doorknobs, doors, faucets, showers, light switches, switchplates, tv remotes, handles,etc. 

Our Location:  away from any city center on over 2 acres of land which connects to open space. It is recommended that you get out in nature and there is plenty of that here.

Travel: Currently there are no travel limits within the US. The US is classified as a low risk for travel. If that changes and a workshop needs to be cancelled as a result, rest assured that you would receive a full refund.

What you need to do: For those registered, please take proper precautions and please watch for symptoms. Cancel your workshop (call or email me) if you show any signs of the corona virus (fever, cough or shortness of breath) We will reimburse  your retreat fee with a Doctors note confirming Covid-19.

We are super excited to get our 2021 and 2022 retreats, events and reservations available and we are prepared to make this a safe experience for everyone!

See you soon!!! and Safe Travels to the Connecticut River Valley!