Our Journey to Visit ALL 169 Towns in Connecticut

Long ago I learned that there are 169 towns in Connecticut... 169, really?? Connecticut is such a tiny state (the 3rd smallest in the country), It's hard to belive that there are so many towns... each with its own personality and all with their own local governments! Here is a map of Connecticut with all it's 169 towns. As we visit a town, we will be getting back to you with tidbits of info and special things we have found. We hope you enjoy! Let our journey begin.......

So, how did Connecticut manage to get 169 towns? This article tells a bit of history on how Connecticut's 169 towns came to be, http://connecticuthistory.org/andover-to-woodstock-how-connecticut-ended-up-with-169-towns/

Did you know that Connecticut has a State Troubadour? I didn't either.... Here is a video about the 169 Towns in Connecticut

Song by Tom Callinan, CT's official state troubadour. It's a cute little ditty telling folks to get off the interstates and see the real Connecticut... we agree!

Stay tuned for the first Connecticut town we have officially visited.... Thompson, Ct......

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